The Present 

The story starts in a village with an atmosphere akin to Europe in the 19th century.
There is a big noble villa there where Corliss Green is working.

One day she wakes up and finds herself in front of a weird café.
Noir, the waiter, tells her that she has already died, but failed to go to heaven and, as a lost spirit, she ended up at the entrance to Café 0.

He later gave Corliss a chance to return to a week before she died.

But does she really need to go to heaven?
And what is the truth behind her untimely death?

The Past

Sophie Evans works as a midwife.
She is a cheerful woman and everybody likes her.

What is her relation to the missing incident 15 years ago?


From this cafe at nowhere, everything will start from 0 again.

This is a mysterious cafe where the wandering souls will gather.
It appears in front of those who have died, but clueless about where to go, or what to do.
One guest will have one staff member who will be in charge of them.
They will later be sent back to the seven days before their death.

Dear Guest, who is waiting beyond the door.
Please come in and be at ease.

We will always be waiting for you.





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Plan/ Scenario/ Program : Chu-3
Editor : Callista (

Character Design : hato (
Costumes/ UI/ Movies/ Other Graphic Assistment : Chu-3
Background Illustration : Chu-3, Hazazi F K

Music Composed and Conducted by: Yuang Chen
Produced and Mastered by: Takumi Nishimura
Performances Featuring: The Seycara Orchestra

Theme Song
Music: Souichi Sakagami(Trial & Error
Lyrics: kikyow (
Vocal: ming-zi (


Title : CAFE 0 ~The Sleeping Beast~
Genre : Supernatural Mystery Visual Novel
OS : WIN/MAC/Steam/iOS/Android
Age Rating : PG-13, Teen
Release Date : 2016, October 29th
Languages : Japanese, English, German
Price : 19.99 USD (PC)
Total Play Hours : Approximately 7~10 hours
Voice : Fully voiced (Including the heroine)
CGs : 11 (With variations and simple animation)
BGM : 11 Original Tracks from Seycara Orchestra
Original Theme Song : Available
Original OP Movie : Available

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